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Confidence Trick

It is a truism that the easiest victim for a confidence trickster is the listener who thinks himself too clever to be fooled, or too important to be made to look foolish publicly. Of the large number of the latter now about in the public eye worldwide a prominent one is the US President Donald Trump. It is because of that mindset that such victims are more easy bluffed and trapped than other potential targets of the world’s con men.

A new case in point is the approach to US President Trump by Malaysian mega thief Najib Razak. A meeting on between the two has been agreed, or so reliable sources inform us, to take place next month in the US itself.

Without official confirmation that the meeting has in fact been agreed to most observers would tend to discount the possibility. The US President agreeing to meet officially with a person who his own Department of Justice has proved to be a mega thief and said so in openly published official documents. A pipe dream?. It ought to be but there are disturbing indications that it may happen soon.

Obviously the matter is tied up with the problems that the US have with mad North Korean dictator Kim. Not just Trump but the whole US political and defence establishment are seeking a solution to the mad threats Kim is posing; and in such circumstances men snatch at straws. Najib is offering one.

There are strong, though mainly, unofficial links between Malaysia and North Korea. When madman Kim recently ordered the murder of his half brother the act took place in Malaysia’s main airport terminal. The two scapegoat women who did it remain untried and even their whereabouts are unclear. The North Korean Embassy officials in Kuala Lumpur who directed the murder have been quietly allowed to return home unscathed. Of course in a State run by a mega criminal all that is unsurprising though it hardly adds to the reputation of the chief executive, assuming he still had one to damage. Not the case with Najib.

Worse still Malaysia has been complicit in allowing N.Korean slave labour to be sent to work in Malaysian coal mines controlled by associates of the criminal Prime Minister. There have, of course, been deaths; but no inquests.

What President Trump has to realise is that Kim is, before anything else, under Beijing’s control. The latter need a buffer state to their north to avoid being directly alongside the democratic world. An united Korea with a democratic government is a nightmare scenario for Beijing and they will do anything to prevent it happening. Including tolerating nuclear blackmail so long as it is not directed at them.

There is also the matter of the international reputation of the US. No deals with ISIL terrorism. No deals with Al Quaeda in Afghanistan or elsewhere. So a deal with Kim. nuclear terrorist? Or a deal with Najib, mega thief ? Nothing to choose between them. And the latter is not even necessary or potentially useful. It will not stop Najib giving Beijing warm water Indian Ocean ports which they crave. The deal on that is already inked in and only the advent of an honest, democratic administration in Kuala Lumpur can overturn it. Does President Trump want the Chinese Navy off Diego Garcia? Does anyone in the US?

A little re thought. Much more briefing and some well rounded second thoughts should be the order of the day

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