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First Faller

So Khalid bites the Najib dust! His promised extension of tenure falls through. How? Some reports attribute this to a refusal by the Agong to sign off on it; as required by the Constitution and such a refusal would certainly block any proposed extension of service. If that is what has in fact happened then the Agong deserves the thanks of all Malaysians who have been affected by Khalid’s actions.

In effect ALL Malaysians since Khalid, knowing that Najib’s thefts had been discovered by a task force investigating them (of which he was a member) and that a warrant for Najib’s arrest was to be applied for, ran to him and informed on the intended action. Next morning the then Attorney General was dismissed, refused access to his office and forced into retirement on a pretence of ill health.

Had Khalid not breached his oath of office and duty of trust, to say nothing of several sections of the Penal Code, Najib would be in jail and the whole criminal mess of 1MDB and many other government funds cleared up and the good name of Malaysia restored. So arch criminal Najib owed him big and used him as enforcer and coverer up of both their crimes. Khalid was to have seen him through the “election” he is hoping to fix and to cover all the crimes that would need to be committed to allow that fix to work.

Now the extension is denied Khalid must leave office when he reaches the age limit very shortly. If the Agong refused, as reported, to approve

an extension fir Khalid he certainly acted in the public interest. Or did Najib simply fool Khalid with a promise he never intended to keep?

Whatever the facts of the matter the Deputy IG will now move up and all Malaysians will be watching intently to see what he does on assuming office. Neither he, nor any of the more senior PDRM officers can possibly be ignorant of Khalid’s many crimes and derelictions of duty. They have so far chosen not to act on their knowledge. It is for them to explain why no action was taken against a notorious criminal. At the very least, with the criminal reverted to the status of an ordinary citizen, there can be no excuse for not submitting Investigation Papers seeking prosecution of Khalid for multiple criminal offences.

The outcome of that may well be that blind Apandi may once more be unable to see a series of criminal offences that would be obvious to the newest police recruit. That is probable and will add the list of criminal charges that will be brought against him in due course. That outcome could be hastened if the Agong chose to use his unfettered constitutional power to remove Apandi from office.

But if the PDRM fail to investigate and to seek prosecution Malaysians will know that it is not just a matter of one crook at the head of the Force but a whole group of them. We wait to see.

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