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Cop At The Crossroads

Malaysians will remember that when Gani Patail was Attorney General an investigation into the actions of arch thief Najib was launched and those investigating them included the IGP Khalid.

The enquiry reached the stage where an application for a warrant for the arrest of Najib was drafted in the AG’s chambers with the consent of the group managing the investigation. This activity came to the notice of Najib who prevented further action by sacking Gani and replacing him by the odious slimeball Apandi, who promptly shut things down.

It is known, but not yet publicly, how Najib learned of his impending arrest in time to block it. It is also common knowledge who are his main supporters in preventing his arrest for the multi billion thefts he has committed.

These latter, or rather the survivors of that investigating group (of whom at least one was later murdered in a most barbarc way) are at last beginning to see that they have backed the wrong horse. Where they expected a rich and protected future, full of ringgit and Tanships, they now see the more probable outcome as the view through the bars at Sg. Buloh.

The choice now narrows down to a future with Najib as a fellow convict or action. however belated, to lance the boil. There is only one among the actors in this drama who possesses the actual and legal power to end this affair by arrest and prosecution of Najib. Apandi snake cannot protect Najib from a simple prosecution for theft without himself facing trial for attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

One person can make all this happen and so redeem his losing bets on Najib.  Will he find the courage to do what the law prescribes and for which he is paid and may be pensioned?  Or will he confirm his Sg. Buloh reservation?

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