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Arch thief Najib’s Finance chief announces that, due to its excellent work, the Malaysian Customs department will be “corporatised” soon.  Unfortunately he did not go on to elaborate for the benefit of the taxpayers precisely what this might mean.

The Customs are a government department, part of the Malaysian civil service and bound by all the regulations that apply to civil servants and government departments. What then is the reason for altering that status, albeit in a so far unexplained way and for unexplained reasons?
The Department is complimented for having done a good job. What else is it expected to do? And why is it being offered a “reward” of some kind for doing what it is paid to do? Can the Financial Secretary explain that in simple words so that all taxpayers understand what is proposed?
Will the Customs, for example, no longer be subject to audit by the, unprofessionally unqualified Auditor General? If so is that a good idea? From the taxpayers point of view not from that of fraudsters.
Come on Financial Secretary. Explain- and while you are at it try for a more flattering and less revealing photo to accompany your press releases.

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