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A First For Malaysia

Arch thief Najib constantly proclaims the leading position of Malaysia in South East Asia. That claim was bolstered when the country became the first international example of a rat joining a sinking ship.

Former Mentri Besar Mat Taib announced he was rejoining UMNO. He must have been surprised by the reaction which was to the effect that UMNO needs no “big names”. That suggests that his surprising statement was not co-ordinated in advance with Najib and so that it was as unexpected as it was stupid.

If this political recidivist was hoping that this change of heart would also change his bank balance, as it does for so many UMNO personalities who have not ,yet, defected, he will be disappointed. If there is any spare money it is going to political allies not backsliders.

Presumably this is the first, and probably the last, result of arch thief Najib’s, very expensive, visit to see President Trump. That will prove to be of little or no value for a huge sum of money.

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