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Corrupt or just terminally useless?

The Election Commission of course. Just when gangster Najib is straining every nerve to fix voting rolls before he calls his doomed GE14 it appears that the Election Commission has “destroyed” more than 130,000 voter records in Selangor. A PKR State of course.

Just “destroyed”. No explanation let alone any apology to the voters affected or any indication of how matters can be put right. Any official body, and the EC is one, making such an error should be replaced as being unfit for purpose. All its members should be summarily dismissed and any proposed election put on hold until the matter had been sorted out the satisfaction of those affected.

Will any of that happen? Of course not. Who believes that this happened by accident or incompetence? The very fact that the loss is announced baldly without any explanation or indication of action within the EC makes it plain that the “loss” was deliberate and part of the EC’s attempts to fix the next General Election to allow arch criminal Najib to stay in power.

In fact what they have done, and will continue to do, is to assure their places in Sg. Buloh. They will not be able to spend any Najib bribe money there! There has been recent criticism of the Agong for failing to take action in the face of Najib’s abuses of the Constitution. Continuing such failure will harden suspicion into certainty and make the change to a Republic inevitable. If the Agong and the Rulers cannot see that they are indeed blind and will have earned whatever fate befalls them.

The Election Commission have given public proof of incompetence so grave that, whatever their motives may be, they are clearly unfit for office and should be sacked without any further delay.

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