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Counter attack

MACC chef Dzulkifli has launched a counter offensive in the campaign to get him out of office. There are, he is reported as saying, many high level cases awaiting prosecution.

That would be music to the ears of the millions of Malaysians who have been sickened by the blatant corruption, abuse of power and other criminal activities of arch thief Najib and his cronies. A cleaning of the stables is long overdue.

There is, however, one problem. As Inche Dzulkifli himself says, approval for prosecution has to come from the chambers of Attorney General and Najib lap dog,Apandi. If the latter cannot even find evidence of criminality when he is holding up proof of it at a press conference will he be abe to find it in enquiry papers submitted by the MACC?

There is one way round this obstacle and that is for the MACC to make public the names of those against whom they have submitted investigation papers to Apandi and when. That should open the eyes of the public to the truth. It would also afford the Agong, who has the unrestricted power to do so, to dismiss Apandi with immediate effect and to withhold approval of any alternative appointment until satisfied about the probity and impartiality of any suggested replacement.  As, under the Constitution, it is for arch criminal Najib to propose  appointments of Attorneys General any such should receive the closest scrutiny.

Of course Apandi could avoid any such dismissal and embarrassment by giving the green light to the MACC prosecutions . Will he?

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