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Missing Accounts

Malaysian pilgrim fund Tabuing Haji is making a lot of noise presently about an investment it made in Australia, claiming that all connected with that is above board and above suspicion. We shall see.

But while we are waiting how about the TH 2016 Accounts? The last annual accounts published relate to the year 2015. Today we are days away from 2018 and the TH 2016 accounts are still not public. Why the delay? TH have not given any explanation nor has the new, and professionally unqualified, Auditor General. Too difficult a task?

Or is it a question of transactions for which no audit acceptable explanation can be given. Maybe the Attorney General Apandi Ali, who is believed to have a position with TH, can give the public yet another “no offences have been committed” explanation? Don’t hold your breath nor, if you want to be sure your money is safe, TH shares.

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