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Crashing national economy?

Arch thief and perennial liar Najib Razak, in an attempt to secure support, alleged publicly that if PH (he might have saId when) win GE14 Malaysia’s public debt would enter the trillion range.

As Finance Minister he is in an unequalled position to know the true extent of the national debt and also to know how much he personally has contributed to that by his mega thefts of public funds. How about, for one instance, the extra 50 billion ringgit “loan” from Beijing, allegedly to pay for the East Coast railway but in fact to allow him to pay off the money stolen by him and1MDB from Aabar.

If the national debt is not already in the trillions, and we only have Najib’s word for that, it is because even he has not been able to come up with new crooked schemes for raiding the public purse to push the debt to that level.

The PH government will have a difficult task to restore the national finances to health even after they have recovered all the money stolen by Najib and his fellow criminals. But that would pale into insignificance beside the debt mountain that arch thief Najib would pile up if he won the general election. Malaysian taxpayers take note.

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