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Crooks Of A Feather

A picture of a grinning mega crook, Najib, with another crook, IGP Khalid, records a “farewell call” by the latter on the former. What a touching scene! Organised, no doubt, in an absurd attempt to display harmony between them after Najib refused to extend Khalid’s tenure as IGP. We have yet to see what the real terms attaching to this dissolved “marriage” are.

What the departure of Khalid in a few days time does prove is that Najib is sure, or at least thinks he is sure, of continuing police protection under whoever succeeds Khalid. Of course in any last resort Najib can use blind stupid Apandi to block any attempt by any honest policeman (assuming there are still any) to prosecute him.

Equally interesting is the reason why Khalid is “going quietly” after so many promises of extended office. Perhaps just the usual Najib remedy of a huge bribe paid from stolen public funds? Perhaps also a promise of better things after UMNO “win” the general election. Or maybe just that even Khalid, no genius by any stretch of the imagination, has realised that Najib is just a few months short of several life sentences and wants to be free to desert in time to stay ahead of his former subordinates?

Anyway it is a small relief to Malaysians that they will no longer have to look at pictures of these two grinning thieves when they open what passes for the Malaysian press.

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