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Long live the UMNO censorship regime

An UMNO Minister, no less stupid than the rest ,has just announced that his “government” is “mulling” plans to force online media to register as the print Press is forced to do. Once “registered” they face de-registration if they fail to follow a pro UMNO line. Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels would be proud of this new UMNO attempt to censor all public communication.

The proposal shows how much UMNO fear all independent political comment. Why? If they were an honest party working for the public interest such comment would be generally favourable.  It is precisely because they are aware that their criminal conduct, overseen and directed by one of the biggest criminals of our time, arch thief Najib Razak, makes them wildly unpopular that they try to stifle all public comment.

They have largely succeeded with the print media which is very easy to control. The internet is another matter. The cyber world is unknown territory for the UMNO thugs and clowns that pass for public servants and they really do not know how to watch, let alone control it. In case their ignorance is as total as it appears to be let them be aware that they will find any attempt to strangle internet communication impossible to manage.

Better to stick to soliciting yet more bribes from Najis while he still has any stolen government money to distribute. A palliative against the years of unemployability to come.

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