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Dead Men don't vote

Mega thief Najib appeared to have overlooked this truth when addressing an AIM gathering at Pekan.

Listing many of the public bodies that he alleged are helping the “poor people”, meaning the rural Malay community. he admitted that most of the work done by these organisations was the result of his late father’s policies and actions.

In fact throughout his speech he constantly referred to the late Tun Razak who he claimed had done all the hard work in helping the Malay poor. No one would want to dispute that. If the rural Malay poor are better off now than in the past the credit is to be shared by Tun Razak and later UMNO Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir, now PH leader.

What Najib did make clear, even if he did not intend to, is that he personally had done little or nothing for that segment of the population. How true!  He, and his associates in BN, have been far too busy stealing public money and enriching themselves in every possible, and mostly criminal, ways to bother about the welfare of the rural Malays. For them a few pious lies and a few electoral bribes every five years are enough to allow Ali Baba Najib and the, many more than, forty thieves to continue stealing whatever they can.

If Tun Razak were able to see what his party, and his son, have done to Malaysia he would turn in his grave. And recommend all Malaysians to vote PH at the election.

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