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UMNO Buffoon

Party spokesman Nur Jazlan made a public fool of himself, and his party, in remarks on the coming general election.

Specifically he accused PH of wanting to “win and take power” After which they would “not serve the people”

What does he think elections are for if not to take power? As to serving the people he should remember that for over sixty years UMNO/BN have been serving themselves with large portions of public money. Remember 1MDB?

He also accused PH of only wanting to win the election. Is there something wrong with that in a democracy? Don’t BN “want to win the election”? How could anyone bring themselves to vote for such a publicly exposed idiot, or his party?

In accusing PH of not wanting to “serve the people” he implied that BN do. How does robbing 1MDB and many other government funds “serve the people”, as opposed to serving arch thief Najib and all his fellow crooks at the top of BN?  He forgot to explain that!

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