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Diamond Lil

Malaysian political and other lickspittles have tried to raise a clamour about Rosmah Mansour attracting the attention of the UK Press and media during her current visit to London. Why?!

The whole world knows about her obsession with fabulously expensive diamond jewellery thanks to the statements by the US. DOJ which confirmed earlier reports about this. So why get upset if, during a trip abroad (financed by who?) ,the local Press show an interest. There is a market for news about vulgarity and also about crime,especially mega crime. So why complain about Press attention?

Perhaps she is too stupid or too arrogant to realise that in the UK,and many other countries, the Press is free and can report as it thinks fit. Not like back home Princess?

Maybe the, very expensive, Malaysian High Commission would like to issue a statement to clarify what she is doing in London at all. And how she got there and at what cost. The Malaysian electorate would like to know how she can travel to acquire expensive diamond jewellery when her husband, according to him, has only his official salary to live on. Don’t hold your breath waiting to read that!

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