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Just petty?

The withdrawal of the bodyguard service to ex PM Mahathir can be viewed as just the petty harassment which arch criminal Najib has been venting on his predecessor, and now political opponent. As just the kind of thing that only small minded crooks would indulge in against their perceived enemies.

Or it could have a different significance. To organise a cement barrel operation against a target protected, however incompetently, by police or army personnel poses what would likely be seen as unacceptable risks of disclosure or failure. Ex-Prime Minisers are in a different target category to Mongolian ex-mistresses.

And, on top of that, one half of one death squad is in prison awaiting execution and the other half is in immigration custody in Australia. Of course no doubt other murderers are available. Inche Najid’s for example. Or Kevin Morais’s.  But still such an act would not sit well wth the Malay community and arch crook Najib needs every Malay vote he can buy.

So Dr. Mahathir is probably safe. In any case Najib  will not need to worry about bodyguards when he is an ex Prime Minister. There are enough warders at Sg. Buloh to ensure he stays safely in his cell. For life.

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