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Did you see?

A rhetorical, and sarcastic, question posed by an MP to running dog Khalid. It related to whether Khalid had seen the evidence proving that arch thief Najib had stolen huge sums from SRC.

Of course Khalid had! Until he broke his professional conduct standards, and the law, by running to Najib to tell him that the then Attorney General had approved applying for a warrant for the arch thief’s arrest he had been part of a task force collecting the evidence of Najib’s guilt.

Khalid will not, of course, reply or offer any explanation of his conduct. It was wholly inexcusable for any police officer to act as he did; let alone the head of the whole Police force.

At this point, before he stands trial for the various offences he committed at that time, he should be obliged by the Police Service Commission to explain his actions or be dismissed for gross misconduct. Trial can follow.

No doubt mega criminal Najib will, again, misuse his office to protect his fellow criminal Khalid, but both should be aware that the clock is ticking. The day of judgment, and punishment, draws ever nearer and it cannot be avoided. The punishment should fit the crime.

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