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Sharing Aspirations

As a prominent British comedian once said “you couldn’t make it up.” Arch criminal Najib, of all people, calling on Malaysians to share religious aspirations.

What aspirations was he referring to? The Christian “Thou shalt not steal” or an Islamic equivalent linked to a loss of hands? Does he really think that such urgings, coming from him of all people, will affect Malaysian behavior? If so he is as deluded about the Malaysian people as he is about his “right” to steal all their money.

Of course Malaysians should have aspirations. To better their lives and those of their children. To build a better country for coming generations. And many other worthy aspirations. What is impossible to understand is how and why the criminal Najib thinks he has any part to play in that process.

When he eventually dies in prison the only example he will leave behind is that, even under his heel, crime does not pay and brings punishment as well as personal disgrace on the criminal and his family.

If Najib really wishes to get people on the right thinking path, religiously or otherwise, he should go to Bukit Aman and hand himself in. That is if he can find any honest persons there to surrender to.

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