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Digitalising the police!

In one if his public utterances Deputy PM Zahid spoke at length about how IT could improve the performance of the PDRM!. It would improve the force’s ability to maintain public order, he claimed; without revealing how. It would also allow them to pinpoint what he called hotspots. Well there’s a thing. In future the police will know where crime is prevalent, not from trying to deal with it, but by watching a computer screen. Victims of crime will be most impressed!

Piling fatuity on fatuity Zahid went on to say that IT would pinpoint places where crime, drug trafficking and road accidents happen. One has to assume that up to now the PDRM remain ignorant of all these localities! That may well be so given the poor record of the Force in detecting and suppressing major crime.

For example there is a mega criminal in Putrajaya who has stolen billions of public funds.Can IT help to identify him? Or if not how about reading the US DOJ reports? This mega offender will not be caught by the use of IT! Nor will all the other crooks in UMNO.They will be caught and dealt with only after GE 14 returns an honest government. And then a lot of PDRM figures will joining them in Sg. Buloh.

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