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Malaysia for sale

After arch thief Najib’s  crooked East Coast railway deal with Beijing now comes further CPG penetration into Malaysia’s basic economy. China, which has no oil and gas of its own, is dependent on imported supplies of both. It has,therefore, a major interest in obtaining control of anywhere which has such reserves.

Hence this latest “deal” which Minister Dahlan is so keen to downplay. It turns out that Sabah gas is transported through a “wholly owned” pipeline company belonging to the Ministry of Finance named SSER. That is only possible because crooked politicians in Sabah and Sarawak signed over the natural resources in their States to the Federal Government. In the case of Sarawak so that its crooked Chief Minister and his accomplices could destroy virtually all the State’s tropical forests for personal profit. Who got what in Sabah remains to be made public, as it will be by the new Government after GE14.

Apart from the corruption aspects of this affair the expansionist policies of China shouldn’t be overlooked. There is no need to use the enormous Peoples Army to achieve the results desired.Those can be bought for what are,to China, trifling sums. Military spending does come into the picture wth the new CPG Navy designed to support the policy aim of bringing the whole South China Sea under exclusive CPG control.

With that achieved the next move will be to try to control the Indian Ocean, presently overseen by the US and Indian navies. To have any realistic hope of achieving that Beijing needs naval bases there and who better able to supply these than megathief Najib Razak who will sell anything and anyone if it brings him personal profit.

If Malaysians want to retain sovereignty and independence to manage their own affairs they should boot out the corrupt UMNO government which is in the continual process of selling off their independence and heritage.

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