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Dilapidated Schools

There are currently discussions between the Sarawak State government and Putrajaya over the need to, and cost of, repairing “dilapidated” schools in that State. While education is a federal subject routine administration is not and the State government have still to explain how this state of general dilapidation came to arise and what they have done to apprise Kl. The short answer is probably nothing as they will all have been too busy destroying the State’s main asset; its tropical forest.

More to the point how is it that these schools were allowed to deteriorate? Why did the State administration not notice this and take it up with those responsible? Simple answer. They have no interest in the education, welfare or future of Sarawakian children. Nor in anything else, apart from filling their pockets with stolen public money. In their view why spend money on educating children for whom the future they have arranged holds no more than manual labour on starvation wages.

When all the State’s assets have finally been stolen these GPS politicians can move to live wherever they have parked their stolen gains; leaving their fellow citizens to starve.  If that sounds extreme it is in fact nowhere near the the full extent of the villainy these criminal politicians have been, and are, guilty of.

Hopefully the Federal education authorities will, in addition to putting buildings right, investigate in depth the conduct of those in Sarawak directly responsible for education and take any necessary punitive steps against them. The punishment of the crooks now in control in the State can, and will, follow.

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