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Wishful Thinking

Current UMNO president Zahid is reported to have taken time off from considering his defence to multiple criminal charges lodged against him to nominate political associates to State office should UMNO win the next general election. He might have been better employed searching Malaysian skies for flying cows.

It is really astonishing that anyone, even Zahid or Najib, should seriously suggest that UMNO/BN, supported or otherwise by PAS could secure majority support in the next election. The first hurdle would be that most of its leaders would be unable to stand or campaign, by reason of residence in Sg. Buloh.  Furthermore does he really believe that the Malay community will support publicly exposed mega criminals as leaders of a government?

Were that to be the case Malaysia would need be a failed state in which communal adherence and tolerance of mega crime were deciding factors for the future of the country. Would any electors labouring under such delusions expect the State, whose whole wealth was stolen by the Naib regime, believe that and that public wealth would be extended to them, even if any such remained unstolen by their “leaders”?

Party President Zahid is welcome to delude himself about his and Malaysia’s future if that is what he wants  do but he should not expect his views to be greeted other than with derision.

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