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Dropping off the branch

There has been an obvious, and significant, fall in the number of Najib’s “ministers” still prepared to spout his line in public. Some of this new reluctance must be due to the local publicity about the jailing in Singapore of Jho Low’s accomplices in the 1MDB robberies.

But whatever the individual reasons for this new silence it is highly significant and shows that those concerned have noticed that the arm of the law has reached neighbouring Singapore. The Island State is clearly after Najib’s accomplice in crime, Jho Low and once he is in jail they will be after Najib.

Jho is, reportedly, hiding in plain sight in criminally funded luxury in what used to be known as the People’s Republic before it switched over to raw capitalism (at least for the ruling elites). The reason Beijing tolerates this blot on their international reputation is that they still hope to use arch criminal Najib to further their expansionist designs in East Asia.

But those hopes must be fading daily as the net closes in on Najib. If Chinese Intelligence is anywhere near as competent as its reputation it will be known in Beijing that UMNO cannot win the coming election. That Najib and Beijing’s other clients will be in jail for life and they can whistle for any Malaysian aid in CPG expansionism.

So time for a re-think. Step one could and should be returning Jho Low to Singapore, thus facilitating claims of international responsibility. Surely the successors to the Great Helmsman don’t want to be seen and remembered as accomplices of the biggest thief in recent world history.

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, more and more UMNO apologists will fall silent and start looking for the exit. Any exit. As their numbers swell arch thief Najib, fat lady notwithstanding, will have to try for a safe haven exit. Harare?

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