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Drugs As Well As Thefts From GLCs

Indonesia’s drug enforcement agency publicly complains that incompetence, or worse, permits drug smuggling from Malaysia into Indonesia and that numerous complaints to Putrajaya have gone unanswered.

Who will be surprised at that when links between high PDRM officials and organised crime figures were the recent subject of publicity (now swept under the carpet).

One of the specific claims by the Indonesian authorities referred to despatch of drugs by sea to rendezvous spots   where transhipment takes place into vessels from Indonesia.

If this is so what is the Malaysian Navy doing about it? If the famous Najib bribe non-submerging submarines can do nothing else they should be used to monitor this traffic. If they cannot do anything effective it is certain that the Indonesian Navy could. At least Malaysian taxpayers could be reassured that the money spent on the Navy is not wasted.

A major, unanswered, question is who in Malaysia profits from this failure to inhibit the drug trade? Who in Malaysia profits from all kinds of crime? Any comment Najib?

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