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Cranks To Crooks

The news that a group of PAS members have abandoned their party and joined UMNO, while numerically, so far, unimportant, is politically very significant.

These PAS defectors say openly that only UMNO can safeguard the Malay community. While this is clearly rubbish, and common rubbish at that, it is an indicator of thinking in one part of PAS. The latter are well aware that their leadership is now under the control of arch criminal Najib.

Right thinking Muslims cannot approve of their political activities being controlled by a mega criminal and his associates in UMNO.

Which is why defections from PAS have begun and will expand exponentially as GE14 approaches. Possibly some who have tasted more gravy than others will cling on to allegiance to arch criminal Najib, in the hope of getting more but ordinary Malay community members cannot but be disgusted by the open criminality of Najib and UMNO and will not vote for them and their nominees.

There is a proverb that runs:”Those who sup with the devil must have a long spoon”.  PAS members, and the whole Malay community are starting to realise that in their case Devil is spelt NAJIB.

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