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Dumb or Bum?

The recent public statements made by Malaysia’s top copper oblige onlookers to ask the question posed in the title to this piece.

Weeks after the US DOJ expose of MO1 and his sidekick Jho Low, the Malaysian police are about to spring into action. They will even send officers abroad to investigate. That will make a change from holiday trips to Rome.

Let us remind what passes for a memory inside the head of Khalid that he was one of those who, a few short years ago, was investigating the Prime Minister over thefts of public money. Maybe he can also recall who of that investigating group ran to Najib and spilled the beans?

Has he forgotten that it is a criminal offence to obstruct a police investigation; IGP or no IGP.

No one who knows him will accuse him of being bright but memory loss on this scale is or should be worrying; not least to the public who see a stupid crook in charge of the national police force.

Khalid should try to remember that each time he opens his mouth he finds his foot in it. Life in prison is particularly hard for ex police officers as he will discover when he takes up his reservation in Sg. Buloh.

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