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No Confidence


In an interesting comment posted on Speakers Corner a correspondent suggests that Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan could order Sarawak Members of Parliament to support a motion of “no confidence” in the Najib regime. The object? To force Najib to grant “autonomy” to Sarawak. He might have added the Sabah CM to the list but presumably knows that this would be a waste of time. UMNO rules in Sabah; Bung or no Bung.

It is a nice idea! But why deal with Najib and his corrupt gang, all due shortly to become permanent residents at Sg. Buloh? Far better to make an arrangement with PKR and so force a general election. All the world, especially Malaysia, knows that the two former British colonies in Borneo were sold into Malaysia through corrupt collusion between Malaya and Britain and they have been plundered of their natural resources of oil and timber ever since.

The problem is that all this is a pipe dream. Adenan is where he is as a substitute for the mega corrupt and totally discredited Taib Mahmud. He is also there because he remains under Taib’s complete control however much he may try to pretend otherwise. So he could not sell his master out even if he wanted to.

There is however another possibility. Adenan is not a member of the Federal Parliament but many of his supporters are. Support today; discard tomorrow. He who dares to make the move will be a national hero in Sarawak and any attempt to jail or murder him is bound to fail; however much Najib promises for his head.

An autonomous Sarawak would be a rich and powerful State controlling its own natural resources and, if honestly governed, facing a prosperous future for all its people. Is there one among its BN MPs honest and daring enough to take the necessary first steps? Sarawakians will watch with the keenest interest.

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