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Economic Pundit

The leading UK financial journal, the Economist, is one of the very few UK entities or individuals to notice anything about the current, and past, Malaysian political scene.

That is in marked contrast to the UK Government which, through the FCO, has managed to keep its official eyes glued tight shut despite two United States DOJ exposes proving that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib is a mega thief presiding over a government and a country up to its neck in corruption, and worse.

Of course this official blindness could be due to Malaysia’s status, and history, as a convenient dumping ground for outdated arms, aircraft and all manner of no longer wanted military equipment. For cash of course.

Not just that. For a very long time Malaysia has been the site of very heavy UK investment both in raw materials and trade goods. How far a loss, partial or total, of that trade would affect the UK’s financial position is a matter for debate. But there is no doubt at all that it would seriously affect the financial position of a number of British trading houses and individuals that have had their feet under a monopoly table in Malaysia for two hundred years.

Since those involved in that trade are close to the Tory party it is no surprise that the FCO are so accommodating to them. After all, some people have been heard to say, Najib is one of us! Even went to a British public school so he must be alright. Of course they all, FCO included, are fully aware that Najib is a mega crook but they won’t say so.

If the Commonwealth is more than an antique joke (and there is a case for believing that is what it is) then it, and the UK, must react to what is openly happening in Malaysia. It’s the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after all. Don’t hold your breath anyone.

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