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Limp lapdog

Arch thief Najib’s press secretary, Sarifuddin has issued a statement which, in effect, threatens that DAP may not be allowed to take part in the next general election because of a “technicality” involving its registration.

Compulsory registration of political groupings is a relic of British colonialism where it was used as an alternative to outright banning of what were then seen as undesirable political groupings. It is completely typical of UMNO and Najib, both relics of colonialism themselves, that they should try to misuse routine legislation for political purposes.

If, as he claims, Najib is confident of victory in the coming election why try to use underhand and morally illegal methods to attack the Opposition? Because, of course, he is far from confident. In fact he knows that in any fair election he will be swept away and that is why he is trying to find any device to correct the odds.

It is interesting that he and his lapdog press spokesman have thought such a blatantly criminal warning is necessary. What are the DAP supposed to do in the face if it? Voluntarily disband? To have issued the warning at all is proof positive that Najib knows the game is up and will try to use any illegal means open to him to save his skin. From life imprisonment.

As for Sarifuddin he really ought to know better. He is a paid civil servant is he not? Subject to government rules about involvement in politics. If this administration does not sack him and remove his pension the next one certainly will.

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