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Educational Penny Drops

As a general election nears the bribes begin to proliferate. Not, of course, from the stolen billions but from the taxpayers via the Budget. High on the list RM 1 billion each for Sarawak and Sabah “to repair/re-build dilapidated schools. And, surprise surprise, all that nice money will be spent by local politicians, not peninsular civil servants bound by regulations

Education may be a national matter but corruption is aimed where it is thought it will do the most electoral good. Sarawak CM Johari gave the game away when the said that this money will not be spent by civil servants but by those best qualified to do so!.

One can only assume that, in the best Sarawak Malay/Melanau tradition, not on repairing schools but on buying electoral support. A very convenient way of channeling money to local politicians (not civil servants) ahead of an electoral campaign.

Perhaps,when guiding Prince Charles around Sarawak, Najib will show the Visitor one or more of these “dilapidated” school buildings and explain why this initiative comes only when an election may be imminent and not during the years when schoolchildren have had to put up wth tenth rate buildings while Najib and UMNO bigwigs steal every ringgit they can lay hands on.

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