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Foreign Maids

Speking in the Budget debate Deputy PM  Zahid could find nothing more important to refer to than the cost of hiring “foreign maids” How many Malaysian households employ foreign domestic help? And of those how many treat their employees properly? And even more to the point to whom does this “concession” have relevance.?

Certainly not the 99% of Malaysian households that do their own housework or employ Malaysian helpers. Just the rich 1% who do not care what happens to their employees. Presumably Zahid employs such domestic assistance? Probably many of his UMNO colleagues also do so. It must be so otherwise the concession would not have been made.

Well Inche Zahid we have news for you. There is no maid service at Sg. Buloh, Malaysian or foreign. You and your friends will have to do your own dhobi. But however hard you scrub you will never clean your names and reputations.

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