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The new Chairman of FELDA has announced that it owes this enormous amount and that he hopes it can be cut to six and a half billion by next year. He was silent on when, if ever, the remaining debt will be paid off.

This lamentable state of affairs is, of course, due to BN mismanagement which, very probably, included outright criminal actions. So the Malaysian public want to hear what investigations have revealed, who is responsible for this enormous debt and who and when will be prosecuted.

Losses on this vast scale cannot simply be put down to ignorant and incompetent management. The public are entitled to know what went on and who was responsible and who will appear in Court.

Perhaps an RCI may be the best answer where the necessary experts in financial affairs can probe the past and pinpoint those responsible

The ordinary PDRM investigators need expert help in unravelling the mess and pinpointing guilty parties, An RCI could provide that.

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