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Trumped UP?

Fugitive Najib accomplice Jho Low has issued a statement claiming his innocence and alleging that he is being victimised by Malaysian PM Dr. Mahathir.

This statement was, allegedly, put out by an unnamed Australian PR firm. Since they presumably did not do it for free they must have been paid by Jho and are, consequently, liable to be pursued for possession of stolen money. But that is a matter for the Australian authorities and they can be asked by Kuala Lumpur to pursue it.

What is interesting is the question of who Jho was trying to convince? Apart from himself, of course. Has the strain of being pursued as a mega criminal and having to rely on CPG protection finally proved too much for his mind? That seems a likely explanation as no one anywhere in the world is likely to be taken in by his claims of innocence.

In any case if he really believes what he is saying his best course would be to return to Malaysia and put his case to the Court which is waiting to try him. No need to hold your breath on that.

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