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Election commission or UMNO commission?

No one in Malaysia believes any longer that there is honest government or that public servants, among whom Judges of the superior Courts, do what they should rather than what mega thief Najib orders and bribes them to do. What’s new one might reasonably ask?

Look at the Anwar conviction. Why is he in jail after being acquitted? Because corrupt Judges ordered it so. And who paid? Ask RM9 million Shafee. If you can find him. He has not been seen in public since the 9 million backhander from arch crook Najib became public news.

Why is the prominent criminal Gopi not being prosecuted? Because the criminal Apandi, in concert with the criminals Najib and Khalid, just cannot afford to have that case become public. By doing that Apandi makes certain his reservation in Sg. Buloh; already confirmed by his previous crimes.

If the higher Courts are riddled with corruption and judicial incompetence, which they are, why is there any surprise about the Election Commission doing whatever Najib orders? If he should be re-elected they stay out of jail. If not they join him in Sg. Buloh. As they will.

In fact the one thing more certain than that UMNO will be wiped out at the next election is that more prison accommodation will be an urgent necessity. Happily there is no shortage of barbed wire to fill the temporary need.

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