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In an exercise that must have cost a great deal of Police time and money the PDRM practiced the hurried evacuation of the “Prime Minister” after the election. Presumably after the UMNO defeat had been announced.

Obviously any Police Force has to be ready to deal with election problems and should rehearse in advance. But “evacuation” of a “Prime Minister”? That can only mean getting him out of the kind of situation likely to arise if he had lost.

Once more a prudent police chief would cover options but to hold a simulated “evacuation” of this kind must mean that such a possibility is in contemplation at Bukit Aman.

What does that mean? Have the PDRM finally accepted what the public have long known; that Najib is a criminal whose arrest and trial will inevitably follow an election loss. And that failure to act would cost them their jobs if not also their personal freedom?

More. Does it also mean that the PDRM have concluded that Najib and UMNO will lose? After all a bloated Special Branch have no more important task at present than election prediction and voter assessment. Sad but true. New IGP Fuzi, himself recently the boss of Special Branch, will certainly have been keeping in touch with its political assessments and predictions. Have these led to the “evacuation” drill?

Probably this exercise is a misconceived effort and a publicity disaster for which Najib will take pre-electoral revenge. The much greater probability is that when he learns, from his election Commission toadies, that he will lose he will be off to load his loot and the fat lady and hers on the official plane at his disposal before running away to wherever he thinks he will be welcome. Not many options there!

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