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Why Sri Lanka?

In his latest freebie trip at Malaysian taxpayer’s expense mega crook Najib scheduled a brief visit to Sri Lanka. Why?

It is not as though the Indian Ocean island is a major trading partner or even a strategic ally. So why?

One possible reason is that Najib’s reputation domestically has deteriorated so far that dutifully cheering crowds are no longer available to massage his ego and/or his image; so that his appetite for flattery has to be satisfied elsewhere.

Another possibility is that Sri Lanka is famed for its possession of precious stones. So was this a visit to further build up the lady’s store of jewels? After all not everybody in Malaysia can use a taxpayer funded jet to go shopping. Or have unexplained funds to support that.

So the visit remains a mystery until Najib himself justifies it and the cost of it to the Malaysian   taxpayers who funded it. Can Malaysia’s costly official propaganda machine manufacture a credible explanation? Don’t hold your breath.

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