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Failing Vendetta

The ridiculous, and Najib inspired, campaign to get rid of MACC chief Dzulkifli took a new twist recently.

Faced with widespread ridicule BN and Najib had been quietly backing off any disciplinary moves or Court action. But raucous calls for the MACC chief’s head had made such a retreat difficult. So the “case” stumbles on.

If it hoped to get rid of the MACC chief it has clearly already failed. After all if the head of UMNO can have an affair with a non Muslim Mongolian why attack others for the same “offence”?

Maybe that is the view taken by Najib puppet Attorney General Apandi who has, once again, signaled that this matter should be dropped.

Why? Is he in favour of the practice with which Dzulkifli is accused and if so why?

Or is he extending a disguised hand to PH in the hope of avoiding prosecution for protecting Najib from the criminal law? Or maybe something else? He knows how to get the necessary publicity. Call a Press conference!

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