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How stupid?

Just how stupid does arch thief Najib think the people of Sarawak and Sabah are? Judging by his latest remark that Borneo people who want the return of rights and assets taken from them by BN should vote for BN! Very!

Just do that and see what will happen. As for the last decades a wholly corrupt BN regime will continue to steal what is rightfully Sarawak and Sabah’s oil and gas. Just as they have for decades and will continue to do; so long as there is still oil under the coastal waters of Borneo.

Why believe otherwise?. Did BN return anything after, just, winning GE13? OR after any earlier general election? They have been in power all those years but have done nothing to right this criminal injustice. And would do nothing next time either if the electorate were to be foolish and blind enough to re-elect them.

In fact the only hope that the people of these two States have is that an incoming PH government will right these wrongs and jail those responsible for this past mega theft.

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