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Farewell Message

Arch criminal Najib Razak took advantage if the imminent arrival of 2018 to issue what he called a New Year message but which, as everyone, including himself, knows was a goodbye message to the Malaysian electorate.

In it he attempted to depict himself as an honest inclusive leader asking for a renewal of the confidence of the voters. It is as if his mega thefts from them remained secret outside his personal thieves’ kitchen.

Not so Najib. Everyone, and that means everyone, in Malaysia knows you for what you are, at best a mega thief; and perhaps worse. And not just in Malaysia. Worldwide.

So how can you have the insolence to portray yourself as an honest leader of an honest party? With your opponents in jail. Or cement barrels? With your personal reputation, and by extension the nation’s, trashed worldwide. Not a question of political assassination, but political suicide.

If you were a more intelligent person. Or even if you were capable of seeing yourself and your Party in a true light you would go. Now and to wherever, for stolen money, might accept you. If there is anywhere. Certainly you have been looking hard.

As time gets nearer and nearer to the moment of truth have you started to wonder who will head the rush for the door? Maybe not cousin Hish. Too stupid. But what about your deputy? Does he want to share your cell’ Do others? You will soon be finding out.

Which rat will be the first to defect to PH? One thing is certain, he or she, will be the first of many. No need to look forward to a general election campaign. You will be gone before that so better to go now while you still control your stolen gains. If, that is, anyone will have you.



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