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Run out of leaders?

UMNO Minister Noh said this about PH. Maybe he was referring to the fact that UMNO, at its recent annual meeting, decided not to allow any elections for Party leader or his deputy.

Has UMNO “run out of leaders” to the extent that they could not hold elections for the top posts? Are mega crook Najib and his number two the only persons in UMNO able to run that party’s affairs? Or did they just know that in any election they would come in last and second last?

In any case it is undeniable that UMNO has run out of leaders and in admitting this Minister Noh is doing no more than confirming a fact known to all Malaysians.

As to the same charge against PH the answer is simple. The leader of that party, Anwar Ibrahim, is in prison on fake charges and so cannot be in the Assembly, let alone Prime Minister. After the election he will be free and pardoned so as to be able to resume his political career. As Prime Minister.

Anyone who does not believe this is referred to the PH interim leader Dr.Mahathir. Will Noh dare to ask? NO.

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