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Fate of the Nation?

This is what arch criminal Najib Razak said would be decided in the coming GE 14. Typically he tried to buttress this absurd statement by claiming that Malays would be discriminated against, that the Sultans would be deposed and that those who supported UMNO would suffer if he was defeated.

What monumental impudence! What he really meant, but did not admit, is that GE 14 will decide how long he and his fellow criminals will spend in prison for their repeated crimes against the Malaysian people.

If he was a genuine political leader he would never have stolen billions of public money, falsely imprisoned political opponents made the name Malaysia stink in the nostrils of the whole world. And for what?

What will he do with the stolen billions. Buy more diamonds for Rosmah? Give lavish dinners to visiting CPG Ministers in Malaysia to issue the next set of political instructions to their bought puppet? Ask the US President not to prosecute him for all his 1MDB thefts?

It really does not matter what he thinks he might do after winning because he will not. The people of Malaysia now see what a crook he is and always has been and they will give their votes to the opposition, leaving Najib with nothing but to prepare what he will tell the Courts that will try him for his manifold crimes.

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