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Flogging a dead horse

A pointless pastime and arch criminal Najib was wasting his time when he ordered the MCA to win 15 seats in the general election. Adding to that absurdity he went on to say that the MCA score last time (seven seats) did not justify the three Federal ministers it now has.
The bunch of elderly and timeworn hearers of these rousing words may or may not have been impressed. It really does not matter since hardly anyone in the Malaysian community of Chinese origin pays any attention to the MCA, let alone is prepared to vote for it. A zero score in the next election is more likely than fifteen!
The only reason xenophobe Najib retains any links with the MCA is that UMNO are terrified that the whole chinese vote will go to the DAP: the most probable outcome at the next election.
With many Malay voters moving to Pakatan Harapan Najib is headed straight to his cell at Sg. Buloh.

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