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Putrajaya Witch Hunt

It has been interesting to watch the accelerating pace of the Putrajaya organised attack on MACC chief Dzulkifli who has increasingly been seen by the criminal Najb regime as a serious threat to them.

Hence the allegations about marital misconduct, now denied by the alleged victim and her divorced husband. The absurdity of such an attack reveals that the Najib gang, of which new IGP Fuzi reveals himself to be an enthusiastic member, are really worried about MACC investigations.Having stolen billions of public money they should be!

If the MACC should finally take proper action against criminal elements headed by Najib himself they would not only be doing what they are paid to do but also a major service to the people of Malaysia.

The campaign of denigration against Inche Dzulkifli is proof positive that the criminals in UMNO are really worried that their long campaign of theft and misappropriation of public funds is coming to an end; with very long jail terms all round.

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