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Free Speech?

It has been announced that the public debate scheduled to be held between Tun Mahathir and Datuk Nazri has been cancelled. Not by the projected speakers but by that corrupt body going under the name of the PDRM.

What this means is, of course, all too clear. The arch criminal Najib is fearful that what would be said in that debate would even further damage his reputation and name. Groundless fears! Nothing that can be said anywhere, inside Malaysia, or elsewhere, can change the fact that Najib is known world-wide as a mega thief stealing from his own citizens.

As a side effect, by ordering his puppet police chief to issue the ban, Najib is once again confirming that Malaysia is a dictatorship from which he has removed all traces of democracy. He speaks from time to time about a general election due in the next year but will be too fearful of an humiliating defeat to go ahead with it; all his election rigging devices notwithstanding.

If Malaysia existed in isolation from the world he might, perhaps, be able to continue his kleptocracy backed by the corrupt Police force and purchased Judges. But it does not. Soon the US Department of Justice will move from civil forfeiture proceedings, now under way, to criminal action against all those involved in the 1MDB mega thefts.

This will not just touch Najib accomplices, like Jho Low, step son Riza and the hippo but Najib himself. Sg. Buloh may lack home comforts but try researching conditions in an US supermax. Twenty three hours a day in cell and one for supervised exercise. A life time sentence will offer opportunities to get used to it.

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