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Malaysia’s Gestapo

The PDRM have earned themselves this new title by unlawfully banning the Mahathir debate. Things have got so out of hand that the Malaysian gestapo now seem to think that if chief crook Najib orders something it must be done, legal or otherwise.

This supra legal behaviour is not new. Murder was, and still is, a crime but not to be prosecuted where the murderers have Najib’s protection. A lesson many Malaysian families have earned the hard way since the arch crook took the Premiership. So downsizing to mere abuse of authority seems to pose no problem for the PDRM, or rather its crooked chief Khalid,

Some Malaysians may be inclined to think that this banning is a minor matter, not to get upset or worried about. WRONG. It is another step on the way to trying to steal a general election. If the police can ban any meeting they want without the necessary reasons prescribed by the law how many opposition election meetings do you think will be allowed to be held?

Remember Najib is a master crook and will resort to any criminal and unlawful behaviour to try to get whatever he wants. A man who can steal billions of public money won’t hesitate to misuse the law to influence an election result. He and Khalid must be taken to court over this to test whether there is still any judicial independence and respect for the law in Malaysia or if it has become a total gangster state.

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