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Go For It Zahid

Presently number two in UMNO but always looking ahead Minister Zaid told the public, and by implication the PDRM, that it was not enough just to go after bribe takers but that bribe givers should also be investigated!

In a society with a competent and incorruptible police force and prosecution service such advice would be completely unnecessary. Unfortunately the Minister did not explain why he thought that his advice was necessary.

Could it have been because he knows that his boss, whose job he is well known to covet, has been bribing left, right and centre; though not we hope Zahid himself, for years and using stolen public money to fund his bribery campaign?

Oddly enough its annual meeting time for UMNO and Najib has announced that no competition for his post as President or that of his deputy will be allowed! People who do that do so because they know that in a fair election they would lose.

So no chance for Zahid to get the top UMNO job by popular choice. Oher methods will be necessary and what better than to call for the prosecution of bribe givers. With his boss the obvious number one target.

The ploy is unlikely to work Home Minister. You would not be the first UMNO deputy leader to be summarily sacked for threatening Najib but you may be the last as UMNO will disappear at GE 14.

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