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Sad Day

BN Minister Rahman Dahlan chose those words in criticizing PH for naming Dr. Mahthir as its interim leader and potential Prime Minister when PH sweep the board at GE 14.

They ought, he claimed, to have been able to find a new leader. Some Ministers are not well briefed but surely he has heard that Anwar is in prison on a trumped up charge organised by his boss arch criminal Najib Razak?

Speaking of new leaders is Minister Rahman so poorly briefed that he has not yet learned that his boss Najib has banned any attempt to hold an election for the two top spots in UMNO, currently held by himself and aspirant PM Zahid?

If PH are to be criticised for not finding a new leader while Anwar is still unjustly jailed then BN and UMNO are the more liable to criticism for allowing Najib to rule out any leadership change in UMNO.

Will UMNO meekly accept that a proven criminal should remain as its party President? If so, and it looks that way, why? Does the rustle of high denomination bank notes make music In the ears at the top? What do the kampong Malays think about that? GE 14 will provide the answer.

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