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Highest level of credibility!

This, according to Deputy, and aspirant, Prime Minister Zaid, is to be accorded to the Election Commission!
A few questions Minister. First. Why? What has happened to bring their credibility into question? Vast gerrymandering (which has happened). Patent bias in favour of the criminal BN regime? Obvious to all concerned. Personal panic at the prospect of a PH victory and the consequent move to Sg, Buloh? Without doubt!

Second. Why are you defending a group of patently corrupt and partisan officials? Could it be because their illegal actions may benefit the corrupt political organisation UMNO, of which you are so prominent a member?

Third. Self interest? You are an undeniably stupid, pompous and dishonest politician. Loss of GE4 will mean you will be seeing the inside of Sg, Buloh as an inmate, not a visitor.

Are you so ill-informed as not to know that accomplices before and after the fact are as guilty as principal offenders? If so you will have many years looking out of the barred window to reflect on that truth.

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