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Fatal Weakness

Najib Razak has  claimed that Dr. M is being used to split the Malay vote. WRONG. The Malay vote will go to PH by a big majority. Why?  Because most Malay voters, BN crooks excluded, are honest men and women disgusted by the spectacle of their community’s good name being ruined by a bunch of Malay mega crooks, headed by the biggest crook of all, Najib son of Razak.

Najib is well aware of the real situation and is frantically trying to conceal it from Malay voters by bribery, intimidation, misuse of the PDRM, election observers from other criminal dictatorships and any other criminal means open to someone who has vast amounts of stolen public money available to try to buy GE14.

What Najib has failed to take into account is that the Malay community is NOT composed of thieves, and worse, like him but of decent honest hardworking people who want a better life for themselves and their families. Not just a handout of stolen cash once every five years.

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