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History Lesson for One.

It is not clear what history lessons were taught at the school(?s) attended by the present IGP. In any case he has probably forgotten what he was taught. So here is a little knowledge supplement for him.

Lesson One. Don’t be a dictator’s stooge. Too late for that so.

Lesson Two. Remember what happens to such stooges. A few examples. Ernst Roehm. Head of the SA, Hitler’s private thug force charged with dealing with his political enemies. Does a bell ring?

Executed summarily on Hitler’s orders. His crime’ Alleged homosexuality. Lavrenti Beria. Chief of secret police to Stalin. Executed in his own torture cellars on the order of Stalin. Alleged plotting to replace Stalin.

Are you beginning to get the message? How about IGP Khalid? Knew too much about Najib and might have turned State’s evidence. Better safe than sorry!

Think about it IGP. No one is irreplaceable. Not even Najib is exempt though he may not yet realise that. He can’t get off the hook but you might be able to get a lighter sentence by turning State’s evidence. Better than a “lifer” in Sg, Buloh. No doubt you know what happens to former cops in jail. Uncomfortable at best, terminal in other cases.

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