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Foot in mouth; again

All the BN Ministers who have unwisely opened their mouths to the media have one thing in common. They have their feet in them. Zahid, one of the most verbose supporters of Najib, whose shoes he constantly eyes greedily, is the latest foot eater.

He came out to defend the indefensible IGP Khalid whose link to a recently arrested criminal has been made public, apparently to his annoyance or worry. If police officers “know many people” as claimed by Zahid how was it that Khalid was unaware of the criminal activities of this person “he knows”

Even an important person, in his own eyes, as Zahid cannot have it two ways. If Khalid knows Gopi why was he unaware of the latter’s activities? The public does not, in theory, pay police officers not to know about persons who are involved in major crime. Had it not been for the proof afforded by phone records Khalid could, and no doubt, would have claimed total ignorance; his normal state of affairs.

After all he only knows that the previous Attorney General instructed that a warrant be issued for Najib; and he joins the PM as being one of the only three Malaysians who think the latter is innocent. The third is, of course, that legal genius Apandi who, it seems, has some reading problems.

If Malaysia wants to avoid the reputation of being a corrupt joke country, run by mega but incompetent criminals it knows what to do at the next general election.

STOP PRESS. Zahid was only following the instruction given by arch criminal Najib to the boss of the MACC. “Leave the IGP alone”

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